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Dallas Queen Bed - Jet

W1620 x D2150 x H1090 mm

Accessories are not included. 

Stocks vary from store to store, please check with your nearest store for availability.



Create a look of luxurious elegance with the Dallas Upholstered Bed. Its linen upholstery is button tufted to add a touch of sophistication to its modern style. With slats to support the mattress, no box spring is needed, giving you the low-profile look you love. 

Made to complement almost any décor, this bed frame comes in your choice of available colours. Sky Blue, Blush or Jet.

Mattress and Accessories are not included.



Fabric Warranty
1 Year

  • Upholstery fabrics are under warranty for 1 year against manufacturing defects such as seam slippage, fraying and dye transfers.
  • This warranty does not cover wearing, wrinkling, fading, pilling or fabric that has been treated with consumer applied soil repellent.


Wood & MDF Warranty
1 Year

  • Timber furniture is under a 1-year warranty covers against defective material and poor workmanship.
  • Timber products, being a natural material, are subject to change and movement. Normal wear and tear, changes to the appearance of the item due to normal expansion and contraction of timber as it reacts to climatic changes in its environment, improper care and damage from sunlight and excessive temperatures are not circumstances covered under warranty.
  • Natural variations in colour, knots, stress marks, are not considered defects in workmanship and materials and therefore not covered under warranty. Furniture made from recycled wood may have insect markings and/or nail holes and is not considered a warranty claim, but is considered a feature of these products.
  • MDF furniture does not react well with moisture. Keep your MDF furniture in a dry room and wipe spills up immediately.

Product Care

Product Care

Bed Care

  • We recommend regular maintenance to prolong the life of your furniture.  After one week of use, it is important to tighten the screws and then periodically after this. Screws that are not tightened can cause strain on parts of the bed frame. However be careful not to over tighten screws as this can strip the thread.
  • If moving the bed a short distance, do not drag the bed as this may cause the legs to bend or break. Instead, with another person, lift the bed to move.
  • Avoid placing the bed in direct sunlight or near a heat source as it can damage wood finishes and discolour painted surfaces.
    Keep assembly instructions and assembly tools in a safe place for ease of disassembly when moving.


Fabric Care

  • Try to keep your furniture at least 60cm away from heating sources. Prolonged exposure to heating vents etc. can cause the fabric to become brittle.
  • Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight. All fabrics fade over time but by keeping it out of direct sunlight you will prolong the colours of your fabric.
  • Never use harsh cleaning chemicals on your fabric. Keep material such as polishes, paints, nail polish remover and household cleaners away from your furniture.
  • Vacuum your furniture regularly to remove dust and grit from the fabric fibers. You can also use the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner.
  • If possible rotate your furniture every 6 months to avoid excessive wear or fading on one or two particular seats.
  • Do not place furniture hard up against a wall, leave 10cm between the wall and furniture to allow air movement and to avoid damage to the fabric caused by rubbing against the wall.
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