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Bahamas Trundler Bed

Set Includes:
1 x King Single Bed Frame with Trundler
1 x King Single Mattress
1 x Single Mattress

W2040 x D1060 (Trundle Closed)
Height: H450/H630 mm (Without/With Mattress)

Stocks vary from store to store, please check with your nearest store for availability.



This trundle bed features a King Single bed with a pull out trundler below and comes complete with a King single and single mattress. The trundler easily stows away under the bed when not in use, making it the perfect solution for extra guests and sleepovers.

The Bahamas mattress by Serene Sleep has a medium feel so it is not too hard and not too soft and is a fantastic option for those looking for a budget-friendly mattress. The Bahamas features a Bonnell spring system which is recognised for both its strength and durability. The spring system offers comfort and support without the need for added comfort layers making it ideal for an entry-level mattress, or a perfect choice for the spare room.



Mattress Warranty
3 Years

  • The warranty covering all components and covers defects in materials and manufacturing.
  • The warranty does not cover claims associated with normal wear and tear, customer misuse and issues with firmness or comfort.
  • Please choose your mattress carefully. Once a mattress has been used, it cannot be returned and/or refunded.
  • Mattresses will conform to your body and body impressions are likely to occur. This is expected and is not considered a defect with the mattress. There is a wear in period, where we suggest that you would normally need a month to get used to your new mattress. It may start to feel uncomfortable, especially as it gets to work to support your spine.

Mattresses covered by our 3- year warranty include the following:

  • Serene Sleep- Bahamas only

Product Care

Product Care

Bed Care

  • We recommend regular maintenance to prolong the life of your furniture.  After one week of use, it is important to tighten the screws and then periodically after this. Screws that are not tightened can cause strain on parts of the bed frame. However be careful not to over tighten screws as this can strip the thread.
  • If moving the bed a short distance, do not drag the bed as this may cause the legs to bend or break. Instead, with another person, lift the bed to move.
  • Avoid placing the bed in direct sunlight or near a heat source as it can damage wood finishes and discolour painted surfaces.
    Keep assembly instructions and assembly tools in a safe place for ease of disassembly when moving.


Mattress Care

  • Every six months, flip your mattress over if you have a double sided mattress. If you have a single sided mattress, rotate the mattress so that the foot of the mattress is now at the head. This will promote even wear and prolong the life of your mattress.
  • Cover your mattress with a mattress protector. It is best to choose a washable cover that is easy to remove and recover.
  • Remove dust from the mattress fabric regularly. Dust, dirt and dust mites will eventually build up on the mattress cover. Vacuum your mattress with an upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner.
  • Do not allow the mattress interior to get wet. This may cause mould or rust to occur.
  • On a nice day, it is recommended to air your mattress with the windows open and no linen on it.
  • If your mattress becomes soiled, spot clean with a mild water –based cleaning agent. For major stains, it is recommended to contact an upholstery cleaning professional.
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