When you’re browsing through stores for the best place to find your next mattress, looking for the bed that has you at "hello", you can often find yourself thinking, “Am I really doing enough research to find the best place to buy a mattress - at the right price?!”

We know. We’ve been there too; we gotta sleep as well. When your mattress is not doing its job anymore, or it’s just time for a switcheroo - you want a store that can make choosing a mattress easy, with all the relevant information available so that you can make an informed decision.

Trawling online for the best place to buy a bed or mattress may make the decision even more boggling - sooo, we wanted to make it a little easier for you. Want honest, experienced advice and high-quality mattresses that won’t skip corners when it comes to your night's sleep?

You've Come To The Right Place.

Here, at Target Furniture NZ, we don't just offer modern furniture at affordable prices - we offer a huge range of mattresses from Single sizes to Californian Kings, each with their own technology to offer a slice of sleeper's heaven for all sorts of sleeping styles.

Our cosy bedroom setups may be the thing that drew you to Target Furniture, but we can guarantee that it's our mattresses that will put a smile on your face in the morning.

 Did you know that we supply over 20 mattresses? That's a lot of mattress!

You Are Unique, And So Is Your Sleep Style!

Our staff can help you to identify what kind of sleeper you are (black sleeper, side sleeper, upside down gymnast, and so on.)

We also take into account what kind of firmness your body needs for support, what kind of mattress tech will best suit your lifestyle....you can see where we are going with this here... it’s a lot.

Besides the huge selection, we offer expert advice and customer service on our store floors to make sure that you are finding the very best mattress and bed base- at the very best price. 

You don't want to be the customer that is sold a subpar mattress in shiny wrapping, and we don't want to sell you anything that isn't quality! (We don't stock anything that isn't quality - so no chance of that.)

We help you find mattresses for the whole family - from restless little explorers to the adults living in the fast lane - and make sure everyone is getting the best chance at a fantastic night's sleep.


How Do We Do This? 

We Take You Into Account. That's It. 

There is no “one size fits all” mattress, and we get to the bottom of your sleeping requirements so that we can tailor to your individual needs.

You are a different kind of sleeper than your partner or your kids, and you each deserve a mattress that offers your body the kind of support it specifically needs. 

With so many factors to take into account about your sleeping lifestyle, we take the guesswork out of getting the best night’s sleep - at the best price.

Top Tier Mattresses 

Luxury in abundance, the Prestige Elite offers up natural materials combined with innovative technology for the very best chance at quality sleep.

Enter: The Boss Mattress, Prestige Elite 

Available in: Soft or Firm-Feel 

We’re scared of how comfortable this guy is. Better set a few alarms because the Prestige Elite is the mattress you never knew you needed so much...and now can’t leave. (Sorry, not sorry.)

The Prestige Elite boasts layer upon layer of irresistible comfort and natural materials to keep you cosy no matter the season.

You want spine support? You got it! Want temperature regulating materials? No problem. Want a plush pillowtop that will make you cancel your evening plans? We’d thought you’d never ask.

Mid-Top Tier Mattresses

Offering layers of tech, the Prestige mattress range is a crowd favourite due to its versatility for different sleepers

Prestige Mattress Range

Available in: Soft, Medium or Firm-Feel 

Get that 5-star hotel bed sensation every night (the sheets are on you, folks) with the Prestige range.

Taking after his elite big brother, the Prestige features layers of shmancy tech including a 7-zone pocket spring system keeping partner disturbance to an absolute minimum, as well as a layer of gel-infused memory foam (ooooooooh yes.)

The prestige is a mattress that really moulds into your body, delivering enormous relief off of your aching joints. This mattress is uber popular, allowing you and your unique sleep style to do your thing in total support.

Think it’s about time for hibernation, netflix and doritos. Bye, plans.

Check out the Prestige Range for yourself here!

Mid Tier Mattresses 

Soft Feel Mattress

The Seychelles Mattress 

If you want that “Bye Felicia, I’m out” feeling after a hard day’s work, the soft-feel Seychelles mattress could be your happy escapism from the stresses of life.

Sometimes, all you want to do is disappear into your bed and rest easy - and the Seychelles lets you do that with a super soft mattress that still offers support.

It features the individual springs like the Majorca does, meaning there is minimal partner disturbance when you are trying to get your “me-time.” Sign me up, please and thank you.  

The Majorca Mattress 

While it won’t take you to Spain, the Majorca mattress will offer you support and pillow top cosiness while you watch a late-night documentary about Spain, if that’s your jam.

With a universally popular medium-feel firmness, the Majorca mattress features multiple layers of comfort with independently working mattress spring coils that isolate mattress movement.

So, even if your partner trips and falls flat on their face on their side of the bed, chances are you aren’t going to feel it. Thanks, Majorca!   

Firm Feel Mattress

The Grenada Mattress 

The mattress that says “I’ve got you” after a long day.

This absolute steal has a supportive firm-feel, which is great news if you’ve got little niggles in your back and need that extra oomph to keep your body aligned during sleep.

With the pocket spring system going on, you won’t feel a thing when your partner holds a late-night acrobatics lesson next to you.

Durability? Check. Comfort? Check. Incentive to get out of your lush new bed in the morning? Eek, sorry, we don’t provide that.

When you have a mattress this comfortable, we wouldn’t want to leave it either.

A Mattress That Gets You

To round our blog up, our team of mattress experts at Target Furniture are here to make your sleep easier - not to sell a quick mattress or two.

We have plenty of options for even the most unsettled sleepers and offer competitive prices for quality mattresses that we sleep on ourselves!

Want to learn more? Hop into one of our NZ stores and talk to one of our mattress experts today!