Spot quality and what to look for when buying your next mattress - you can thank us later!

What makes a good mattress a quality mattress comes down to a few simple things. Comfort, durability, materials, affordability and support.

Not all mattresses are made equal, so we've made a super easy mattress quality guide of the most important things to consider. How to choose a mattress that is both quality and right for your body - made easy.


Natural Materials

Natural Materials 

When choosing what mattress to buy based on quality, the materials should play a large part in your decision making.

Several great mattresses are made with natural heat-regulating materials like natural wool, which are luxurious materials that actually solve a problem during sleep.

Wool regulates the temperature of sheep in all weathers, keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer - and it does the same job for you during sleep.

When your body temperature rises, wool transfers the heat across all of its fibres and releases that heat into a cooler, drier part of the mattress to keep a stable temperature across the mattress in summer.

Wool being incorporated into a mattress design means you're less likely to overheat or get a chill at night. Nature is crazy, right? Natural, organic materials in a mattress ultimately raise the quality of that mattress.

Speaking of crazy cool materials... latex is becoming a popular staple of quality mattresses with its natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, making your mattress a healthier place to sleep while also providing support.

The latex we use in our mattresses helps to remove the build-up of moisture, which we have to say, sounds like a pretty nice place to lay your head after a long hot summer's day!



Our fav mattress pick for quality materials that will last?

Prestige & Prestige Elite Mattresses

Mattress Support

Mattress Support 

When you seek the right level of support from a quality mattress - your spine (and the rest of your joints) will reap the benefits of freer movement and fewer aches.

Quality mattresses are ones that offer you pressure relief and a night's sleep that doesn't end up with back pain, sore joints or discomfort. That's why we offer mattresses in different firmness levels, for varying degrees of support and comfort to suit all kinds of sleepers.

No two people need the same firmness level - so check out the following to better narrow down the right type of mattress for your body.

- Firm - 

Get that 5-star hotel bed sensation every night (the sheets are on you, folks) with the Prestige range.

Taking after his elite big brother, the Prestige features layers of shmancy tech including a 7-zone pocket spring system keeping partner disturbance to an absolute minimum, as well as a layer of gel-infused memory foam (ooooooooh yes.)

The prestige is a mattress that really moulds into your body, delivering enormous relief off of your aching joints. This mattress is uber popular, allowing you and your unique sleep style to do your thing in total support.

Think it’s about time for hibernation, netflix and doritos. Bye, plans.


- Medium to Medium Firm - 

Medium or medium-firm is the most popular choice for most people - including side sleepers.

If your sleeping position tends to be mostly on your side, or a mix of different positions, a slightly less firm mattress is a great place to start your mattress search.

A medium-firm mattress offers pressure relief for your joints and relieves your mattress-related back pain without letting you quicksand into an uber soft mattress top.

Quality medium or medium-firm mattresses can come in spring mattress styles or mattresses that layer different levels of quality comfort.

You want to look for pocket spring systems when considering a spring mattress, as the coils operate individually from the others - offering you and your partner the very best support without disturbing each other.


- Soft - 

While soft mattresses are incredibly tempting, reminding you of the cloud-bed you never had, they are not for everyone.

Soft mattresses are not overachievers when it comes to relieving pain off your pressure points, as you sink into the soft mattress's supple and pliable materials.

Lots of people love their beds to be extra cloud-like, especially kids, but your firmness level will directly affect the quality of your sleep, and therefore the quality of the mattress for your requirements.

If you're opting for a soft mattress, definitely choose a reputable brand to make sure you are getting the most support possible, while enjoying the plush, cosy sensation of curling up into a big o' softie!


Our pic for a quality soft mattress?

The Prestige Elite - Soft

Special Mattress Features

Special Mattress Features 

As previously mentioned - not all mattresses are made equal.

Quality mattresses often feature special advancements designed for a more comfortable, luxurious sleeping experience.

Our Prestige range, for instance, features a foam and spring layer around the edge of the mattress. Why? Know that annoying sensation of slipping off the squishy edge of the bed where there is no support?

We've fixed all that! By making sure the entire mattress is fully supported and useable for sleep right to the edges, you don't slip off the edge - and your King Size feels like a King, not a Queen..  

5 & 10 Year Mattress Guarantee at Target Furniture

Longevity & Warranties 

When you choose a mattress based on quality, you should expect to see a decent warranty that goes with the mattress.

We stand by our mattresses, and expect them to last - so you can expect a 10-year warranty with our Prestige and Prestige Elite Mattresses, which covers all components and covers defects in both materials and manufacturing.

You know that your hard-earned money will be well invested with a secure warranty.

In a nutshell

When seeking quality, you need to research your mattresses. Find out what each of them is made out of and why.

If you know what kind of sleeper you are you will have an easier time narrowing down what to look for when buying a mattress.

With that important piece of info aside, you can spend less time figuring out the basics, and more time checking that your potential mattresses pass the quality test with flying colours.


Now it's time to come see us! 

Come in-store to any Target Furniture and check out the quality range of mattresses on display.

We encourage you to jump on in and give them a test drive. Your body knows best, so as long as you know your options are made of quality materials, are in it for the long run and ready to support your sleep - you can let your body do the rest of the choosing!

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