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Sydney Sofa - Light Grey

W2020 x D860 x H840 mm


Now $499.00

Stocks vary from store to store, please check with your nearest store for availability.



The Sydney Sofa delivers a simple contemporary style, with its classic split back and modern square arms for a simple, clean design. The wood frame provides a durable structure that will stand the test of time and each cushion is filled with high-density foam for comfortable lounging.

The simple fabric upholstery comes in three neutral colours- Dark Grey, Light Grey and Teal, adding a fresh, modern look to any space.



Frame & Foam
5 Years

  • This includes all timber and steel framing and all foam used in the back, arm and seat cushioning.  If any defective materials are found or there is evidence of poor workmanship and it affects the performance of the item then the supplier will repair or replace the parts necessary to rectify the problem.
  • Some flattening or loss of resiliency will occur as a result of normal use and aging. Foams will soften 10-20% in the first six months of use. This is called 'settling' and is a normal process of foam. This is not covered under the warranty as it is not considered a defect. Cushion materials conform to the shape of the user and are not considered to be a manufacturing defect. Proper maintenance, including frequent seat cushion rotation, will promote even wear and longer life for your lounge suite.


Fabric Warranty
1 Year

  • Upholstery fabrics are under warranty for 1 year against manufacturing defects such as seam slippage, fraying and dye transfers.
  • This warranty does not cover wearing, wrinkling, fading, pilling or fabric that has been treated with consumer applied soil repellent.

Product Care

Product Care

Lounge Suite Care

  • Try to keep your suite at least 60cm away from heating sources. Prolonged exposure to heating vents etc. can cause the fabric to become brittle.
  • Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight. All fabrics fade over time but by keeping it out of direct sunlight you will prolong the colours of your fabric.
  • Never use harsh cleaning chemicals on your fabric. Keep material such as polishes, paints, nail polish remover and household cleaners away from your furniture.
  • Vacuum your furniture regularly to remove dust and grit from the fabric fibers. You can also use the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner.
  • If possible rotate your furniture every 6 months to avoid excessive wear or fading on one or two particular seats.
  • If you have reversible cushions rotate these once a month to even out wear or fading on the contact areas.
  • Do not place furniture hard up against a wall, leave 10cm between the wall and furniture to allow air movement and to avoid damage to the fabric caused by rubbing against the wall.
  • Do not jump on the furniture.
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