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Vivid White Gloss Desk - W1400

W1400 x D600 x H750 mm


Now $279.00

Stocks vary from store to store, please check with your nearest store for availability.



Wood & MDF Warranty
1 Year

  • Timber furniture is under a 1-year warranty covers against defective material and poor workmanship.
  • Timber products, being a natural material, are subject to change and movement. Normal wear and tear, changes to the appearance of the item due to normal expansion and contraction of timber as it reacts to climatic changes in its environment, improper care and damage from sunlight and excessive temperatures are not circumstances covered under warranty.
  • Natural variations in colour, knots, stress marks, are not considered defects in workmanship and materials and therefore not covered under warranty. Furniture made from recycled wood may have insect markings and/or nail holes and is not considered a warranty claim, but is considered a feature of these products.
  • MDF furniture does not react well with moisture. Keep your MDF furniture in a dry room and wipe spills up immediately.

Product Care

Product Care

Painted & Laminated Furniture

  • Avoid hard blows to laminate or painted furniture as this can crack or dent the surface. 
  • Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight or near excessive heat as it can damage wood finishes. Heat from hot dishes will also damage furniture. Use protective mats where needed.
  • Avoid the use of water unless the furniture label recommends it.
  • Regularly dust with a soft dry cloth. Do not use oil or polish to clean the surface. 
  • A slightly damp cloth can help remove fingerprints or smudges.
  • If heavy cleaning is needed, use a mild, non-abrasive detergent. Apply to a small area to test the solution before applying to the whole unit.
  • Avoid using soap or leaving your furniture wet. Water can penetrate and damage the finish by raising the grain in the wood. Spills will damage your furniture if not removed quickly. 
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