No Interest and No repayments until 2021

This finance deal includes an initial 18 month interest free and no repayment period, which is followed by another 18 month interest bearing period* – just in case you need that extra bit of time. The total length of this finance term is 36 months.

We have structured the offer this way so you have the flexibility at the end of the first 18 month period (which is interest free & requires no repayments) to carry on financing the amount borrowed for an additional 18 months (but at a 21.95% interest rate). This means if at end of the first 18 months you have any costs still outstanding, you’ll be charged an annual interest rate of 21.95% over the following 18 months - this is called the interest bearing period.

You can pay off the balance at any time. There are no penalties or break fees for paying off the contract early. If you pay off the contract within the first 18 months you are only required to pay the amount borrowed plus the $55 establishment fee and $1.80 monthly fee.

Full disclosure of the terms of your finance will be provided to you in the Finance Now disclosure statement for your consideration prior to confirmation of your loan. All finance is subject to Finance Now terms and conditions and approval criteria.

*No break fees if the loan is repaid within the interest free period. Once the interest bearing commences then standard loss recovery fees may apply (please refer to Finance Now’s T&C's below).

Set-up Fees:

Establishment fee $55.00

Monthly Account fee $1.80

Interest rate $21.95% (does not apply to the first 18 months of the contract)