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Payment Policy

Credit and debit cards (Visa and MasterCard) are currently the only forms of payment accepted for online purchases on the Target furniture website. You will need to submit your credit card details at the time the order is placed, and at the end of the payment process you will be presented with a confirmation screen containing your receipt number. This page can be printed for your reference. You will also be sent an email confirming this receipt number as soon as your order has been finalised.

Once the items on your order are in stock and are ready for dispatch, we will process the payment for the products plus any delivery charges, using your nominated credit card. By inserting your credit card details you authorize to deduct the order amount from your chosen credit card.

If your chosen credit card is declined by your bank, we will not be able to guarantee the delivery of the products, and will contact you to make alternative payment and delivery arrangements.

We may decide at any time not to accept payment from you by credit card for any reason. If we decline to accept payment, we will not process the Order and contact you to inform you that your Order will not be processed. We may process this Order or further Orders if you make a payment

Our online payment system at is completely safe. Payments are processed through the secure DPS Payment Express system. After placing an order your credit card details will be processed through the secure online payment gateway. Your Transactions are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology, the industry standard in e-commerce transaction security. Encryption scrambles the information transmitted across the Internet, including your credit card number, name and address. SSL also verifies the identity of the server and confirms that the original message arrives safely at its destination. 

Credit Card transactions will appear as Target furniture franchise Limited’ on the card holder's statement.

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