Target Furniture is entering the next exciting frontier in the
e-commerce space: Augmented Reality.

What is Augmented Reality I hear you ask?!

In simple terms, Augmented Reality (AR) let's us view our real-life environment that's right infront of us (our
living room, bedroom, dining area) and allows us to place digital (true to size) products in your home so you
get a visual representation of how they will look and work in the space. Pretty cool huh?

Take the guesswork out of your furniture shopping, it's as easy as point, position, admire!

How it works.

You don't need to download any special app, simply press the button '3D View' on
the product you want to try and follow the steps below.
Mobile: press view in my room
Desktop: Scan QR that appears with your mobile or tablet.
Your camera will open, or your device will ask you to enable your camera in settings for the first time you use.
Keep 8-10 feet distance from the area where you want to view the item.
Keep pointing your phone at that area, while slowly moving it in circles.
Make sure you have enough light and minimal reflections.
Once item is in position use 1 finger to move around the room, two fingers to increase or decrease the size.

Ready to be InspiARed?
Try it for yourself...

This feature is currently only available on the selected products below.
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